KPCB 2018

3 octubre, 2018 — Deja un comentario

As every year, the most important (IMHO) analysis of the Internet use and trends was delivered: the KPCB, done by Klein Perkins, an investment company that helped small start-ups like Google, Amazon, Spotify or Slack… maybe these guys known something about Internet.

The PDF was presented in CODE event in May, so this post should be sent sooner in the year, but better later than never. Let’s check main ideas after reading the +200 slides document:

  • Internet user keep growing, but slower year over year, 7% against a 13% in 2010. Logical. More shocking for me was to see that we are stucked in the number of mobile users, curious for me when almost 50% of the world has access to internet… It seems that this 50% is a hard frontier to cross.
  • We are using almost 6 hours per day «digital media», with better but cheaper devices, and using WiFi that becoming ubiquous.
    • In this mobile world, the simpler apps are the most used.
    • And more often, we use this mobile to pay, up to 60% of the transactions! leaded by China
    • In this report they explain the raise of crypto currentcy, is a document from May, curious about see his evolution in next year after some problems in the last months…
    • The relavance is not only the online transactions, but also the impact in local transaction, managed by social media influence.
  • Video is the new normal… voice will be the same. The accurancy of this platforms is similar already to human. The success of voice assistants as Amazon Echo prove this point.
  • There’s a paradox between the data privacy & the personalization that patforms can do using your data…
    • We need to keep pushing innovation, but assuming the potential risks and minimazing it as much as possible.
  • e-commerce is about several steps, all of them explained with good solutions that you can build up your own:
    • Payment, e.g. SQUARE
    • Online Store, e.g. SHOPIFY
    • Online Payment, e.g. STRIPE
    • Fraud Prevention, e.g. SIGNIFYD
    • Purchase Financing, e.g. AFFIRM
    • Customer Support, e.g. INTERCOM
    • Finding Customers, e.g. CRITEO
    • Delivering Product …
  • For the online product finding, we have evolved from searching to discovering new trends & finally getting data-drive personalized content. And again at this point Social Media is critical
  • This data driven recommendation are critical to increase the LVT (Customer livetime value = how much spend the customer with us during long period) as the acquisition cost of the customer is increasing…
  • Other topic covered was the change in economic model from buying to subscribing… that’s only to recognise a long term trend.
  • New retailing? Alibaba & Amazon.
  • Advertising keep moving to mobile.
  • There’s a great explanation about how technology is helping o reduce prices for final customers, positive point for technology 🙂
  • After slide 115 there’s an analysis of spending in the houses, focus on USA market, and what’s the impact on the technlogy with points like healthcare etc.
  • After slide 147 there’s some ideas about changes in job evolution & what’s expectation from new jobs as remote workers.
  • The last part of the document focus on the relevance on data to improve customer satisfaction, and wit the relevance of Artificial Intelligence
  • Document finish with some insights about China market, quite interesting and also with the hybrid world of Enterprise & Consumer applications like Slack, Zoom etc.

You can download the report from original source:

Download Here

Or from the blog:



Enjoy it!


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